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What are Collections?

Collections function more or less like folders on your computer drive. They are usefull in keeping related data together and organised in a way that all the important and related stuff lives in one place. Whle you browse our website you can save articles, videos, audios, blogs etc and almost anything of your interest into Collections.
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The Website and its affiliated community “Ghamidi International” are new and ambitious projects. The website aims to bring the best quality Islamic content to the largest possible number of online users. In concert, A movement is also needed to systematically chart the different religious discourses among Muslims, identify the elements in need of reform, provide the critical mass of content for a reformed religious thought and meaningfully influence the intelligentsia, media, youth, academia and the masses at large. For achieving these aims, we need your help in the following areas;

Providing regular feedback about your experience of the website and any difficulties encountered;
Translations, Transcriptions and Subtitling of Audio and Video files;
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Establishing, Organizing and Expanding the “Ghamidi International” Community in different cities and countries;
Since the website and community do not have its own resource generation, we therefore have to look for financial donations to run our operations and outreach programs. You can donate separately for the website and the community.

Please Donate 10/25/50/100 or 200 USD, if you want to donate more than 200 USD please contact us. Thanks

If you want to help us in any of the above areas, please contact the following;


For feedback regarding the website
[email protected]

For translation, transcription, Video/Audio subtitling  of content
[email protected]

For financial donations, establishing Ghamidi International Chapters and others
[email protected]

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