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About Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

I do not wield the pen of a writer nor do I possess the wisdom of a scholar. I am just a student. I am embarking on this journey with trust in Allah. I know that previous writers acquitted themselves gloriously. I see their footprints and am aware of their staging posts and destinations. I am aware of my weaknesses. ...

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About Imam Islahi (ra)

Like Socrates and Aristotle, Abū Hanīfa and Abū Yūsuf, Ibn-e Taymiyya and Ibn-e Qayyim cannot be separated from each other; in this world, Farāhī and Islāhī are also two names of the same existence: The splendor and beauty of knowledge, the pride in humbleness, the appeal of simplicity... Find out more about Islahi ...

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The Wisdom, The Divine Law
The Wisdom, The Divine Law