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Monthly Renaissance | Al-Mawrid

Renaissance | November 2013

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Rūmī and his Indian Disciple

Administrator Issue: November 2013

  Rhyme and Reason       Pīr-i Rūm, Murīd-i Hindī Lying in close proximity, the dust from either corpse smells of the other.[1] It is as though the two with their spiritual bond – one which brought two souls from across six centuries[2] of temporal separation together will be one for all times to come

Sūrah Al-Taḥrīm (1)

Hameed Uddin Farahi Issue: November 2013

  Qur’ānic Exegesis   Hamīd al-Dīn Farāhī                                              &nb

Anger Management

Dr. Shehzad Saleem Issue: November 2013

  Editorial   Anger is a human emotion that can wreak havoc. It can ruin relationships in the blink of an eye and hurt people irreparably. The tongue can inflict wounds deeper the sword, as they say. In a few moments, irreversible damage can be inflicted. So extreme this emotion becomes at times that a person physically abuses

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