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Monthly Renaissance | Al-Mawrid

Renaissance | June 2008

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Relationship between the Spouses –  A Qur’anic Perspective

Administrator Issue: June 2008

Reflections     Abstract The Qur’an provides guidance to man in every sphere of life. Marriage - the institution on which society rests – is an important subject in this regard. The relationship between the spouses has to be that of love as well as respect. The Qur’an employs raiment as a metaphor for conjugal

The Phases and Abodes of the Day of Judgement

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi Issue: June 2008

Faith and Beliefs   The phases through which a person passes and the abodes in which he is lodged during his journey to meet his Lord are also mentioned in the Qur’ān. Slowly but surely, he is moving to encounter his Lord. The first phase of this journey is death. After a short stay in this world, every single person passes throug

The Significance of Intention Behind Good Deeds

Moiz Amjad Issue: June 2008

Hadith   روي أنه قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: إنما الأعمال بالنيات وإنما لكل إمرئ ما نوى فمن كانت هجرته إلى الله ورسوله فهجرته إلى الله ورسوله ومن كانت هجرته إلى دنيا يصيبها أو امرأة يت

Univocity of the Holy Qur’an

Hameed Uddin Farahi Issue: June 2008

Qur’an     The Holy Qur’an is univocal and makes the intended meanings of its text absolutely clear. Every single verse gives a single definitive message. It is only the lack of research and study of a verse on the part of the interpreters that makes it subject to various interpretations. The commentators who have reco

Sūrah Lahab

Imam Amin Ahsan Islahi Issue: June 2008

Qur’ānic Exegesis   Central Theme and Relationship with Preceding and Succeeding Sūrahs My mentor Imām Hamīd Uddin Farāhī has dealt so comprehensively and aptly with the central theme of this sūrah and its relationship with the preceding and succeeding sūrahs that instead of writing anything myself, I will just qu

Brief Introduction to the Contents

Administrator Issue: June 2008

In this Issue …     Surah Lahab This is a translation of Amin Ahsan Islahi’s commentary on Surah Lahab of the Holy Qur’an.   Univocity of the Holy Qur’an This succinct exposition of Hamid Uddin Farahi critiques the conventional approach of attributing multiple interpretations to the Holy Qur&r

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