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Monthly Renaissance | Al-Mawrid

Renaissance | July 2000

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Philosophy of Some Hajj Rituals

Administrator Issue: July 2000

  Responses     Response:  The article ‘Living H~ajj’by Dr Rizwan Haidar appearing in the Feb 2000 issue of your journal was very inspiring. I would however like to point out that the logic for performing Sa‘i that the writer has given is erroneous. Isn’t Sa‘i performed in memory of the ti

Your Questions Answered

Dr. Shehzad Saleem Issue: July 2000

  Queries     Taxes Other than Zakah   Question: There is a Hadith which says that a Muslim govt. cannot ask its residents for any taxes other than Zakah. On the other hand, we see that our so called Muslim governments seem to be running on the money collected through taxes. Is it religiously binding on us to p

What Was Man Created From?

Administrator Issue: July 2000

  Criticism     Mr Katz, in one of his articles* has stated that the Qur’an has given contradictory statements regarding the material from which man was created. He states:   What was man created from? A blood clot (96:1-2), water (21:30, 24:45, 25:54), sounding (ie burnt) clay (15:26), dust [3:59, 30:20,

Judging the Authenticity of Biblical Literature

Nadir Aqueel Ansari Issue: July 2000

  Scriptures Nadir Aqueel Ansari     Bible should be judged on scientific grounds - grounds which are helpful in defining the authenticity of any other old document. A document is first examined internally and then externally. Internal evidence is the study of the text itself while the external evidence is the study of th

The Qur’an Oaths: Farahi’s Interpretation

Administrator Issue: July 2000

  Qur’an   I. Preliminary   Many of the early Qur’anic surahs contain oaths, typical of which are the oaths sworn by the sun and the moon, day and night, and light and darkness. While both Muslim and Western scholars have noted the phenomenon, no satisfactory explanation exists. Ibn H~azm(d: 1064 AD), dissatis

Rescuing the Near Ones from Hell

Dr. Khalid Zaheer Issue: July 2000

  Editorial     The Qur’an says:   O you who believe, save yourselves and your families from the Fire whose fuel will be men and rocks, over which will be appointed stern and severe angels as wardens who would never disobey what God would command them, and would do what they will be commanded. (66:6)

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