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Monthly Renaissance | Al-Mawrid

Renaissance | June - 2006

A monthly journal promoting research and original thinking in the light of the original sources of Islam.

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Response to ‘Trivializing Homosexuality’

Dr. Shehzad Saleem Issue: June 2006

  Editor’s Mail       My Dear Asif   Assalamu alaykum   I thank you for your feedback on this issue and deeply appreciate the concerns you have voiced in your email.  While totally agreeing with your last two points, I would like to express the following in response to the rest of y

Trivializing Homosexuality

Asif Iftikhar Issue: June 2006

  Editor’s Mail     We have received an email from Asif Iftikhar, a respected colleague and member of Editorial Board of the journal expressing strong resentment on the publishing of an article. The email and its response are reproduced below.       The Editor Renaissance Al-Mawrid, La

Your Questions Answered

Dr. Khalid Zaheer Issue: June 2006

  Queries       Blind Faith in Religions        Question: We do know that Islam is the only true religion but that’s exactly what the Christians and the Jews say about their religions. We say Trinity doesn’t make sense, and it conflicts with man’s natural inclinatio

The Context of Violence

Administrator Issue: June 2006

  Reflections 1   In 1857, Indian soldiers – predominately Muslim – mutinied against the British over having to use cartridges greased with pig fat. After their complaints were repeatedly ignored, 150,000 soldiers revolted across India. Only a year of massacres allowed the British to regain control. Though not perfec

The Muslim Veil in North America:  Issues and Debates

Administrator Issue: June 2006

  Book Review               Authors: Sajida Alvi, Homa Hoodfar, and Sheila McDonough           Publisher: Women’s Press, Toronto           Year: 2003   Introduction &nbs

A Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Feminist Movement in the USA

Administrator Issue: June 2006

  News & Views     Gallup International has periodically conducted a survey in the United States. The question asked was: “If your party nominates a female candidate for president then would you vote her or not?” What they answered throughout the century is shown in Table 1.    

The Religion of Islam

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi Issue: June 2006

  Philosophy of Religion     Essence of Religion The essence of religion, in Qur’anic terms is “ibadah” (worship) of God. It is in reality “worship” which the Creator of this world desires of His servants. The Qur’an says:   وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَ

Brief Introduction to the Contents

Administrator Issue: June 2006

  In this Issue…     The Religion of Islam He who comes across a divine religion may find himself engulfed by questions as: Why has religion been given to mankind at all? Why have rules and regulations been imposed by the Almighty? What, in fact, is this divine religion all about? And why, in the first place, has m

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