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Islam permits Men to keep Slave-Women

Among many other misconceptions about Islam is the notion that it gives sanction to slavery and permits its followers to enslave prisoners of war, particularly women and establish extra-marital relations with them. The fact is that Islam has not the… Read More ...

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۲۔ امت مسلمہ کی نمائندہ حکومت کا مقصد

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Worshipping God

The first directive is that since there is no god except God, only He should be worshipped. The essence of this worship (‘ibādah) is humility and modesty. The first manifestation of this essence is serving the Almighty. Since a person… Read More ...

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عورت اور اسلامی قانون (حصہ دوم)


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معجزات پر ایمان

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Muslim religious thought over the ages

An introduction to Javed Ghamidi's book Meezan in New Delhi book fair in March 2014. Watch this video ...
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The Family System

Article Image A short talk by Dr. Shehzad Saleem on the topic The Family System. Watch this video ...
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The Prophet’s taking council from his companions

Article Image Answer to a Question by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi during a talk show "Deen o Danish" on Duny News TV, hosted by Dr Munir Ahmed Watch this video ...
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