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Obeying the Prophets

An obvious outcome of professing faith in a prophet is that he should be obeyed at the behest of God. The Almighty Himself has made it very clear in His Book that a prophet is not merely to be revered,… Read More ...

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The Essence of Prophethood

Prophethood is the selection of an individual for the purpose of communication with the Almighty. The Qur’ān has informed man that he has been blessed with this honour in two ways:
Firstly, communication from behind a veil. In this… Read More ...

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Finality of Prophethood

For centuries, prophets continued to come in every nation. The purpose of their advent was to communicate the truth to such an extent before their addressees that they are left with no excuse to reject it. When the arrangement of… Read More ...

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Need for a Prophet

Just as a person has been given the ability to infer through parables and induction, to make a whole through components and then explain the components through the whole, to assimilate ideologies through what is obvious and to draw analogies… Read More ...

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Faith and Beliefs (1/2)

Īmān (faith) is a religious term. If something is accepted with the certitude of the heart then this is called īmān. The foundation of this word is īmān (faith) in God. If a person accepts the Almighty such that he… Read More ...

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Our connection with the Prophet (SWS)

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