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محمد اور احمد


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Belief in God - Dealings and Practices Part (1)

The dealings of God with His servants and the manner in which He deals with them are called sunnatullāh by the Qur’ān. The Almighty says that these practices are permanent and unalterable. Consequently, for a true comprehension of God, just… Read More ...

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Belief in the Angels

Gratitude is for God only, Creator of the heavens and the earth, He who has made the angels as messengers, with two, three or four wings. He increases His creation according to His will. Indeed, God has power over all… Read More ...

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The Qur’ān has Variant Readings

It is alleged that the Qur’ān has variant readings. Typically a verse may have more than one variation. These variations are not merely in pronunciation, they exist, for example, in addition or deletions of words, in the singular and plural… Read More ...

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Punishment for Blasphemy Part-3

On the issue of blasphemy against the Prophet (sws), is the opinion of majority of jurists based on any directive in the Qur’ān or Hadīth related specifically to this punishment? The answer to this question is clearly in the negative.

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6. Muslim Revivalist Movements: Present Situation of the Muslim Ummah

This series of lectures was recorded in Australia in January 2014. The visit and lectures were organized by Al-Mawrid Australia. Watch this video ...
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