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Islamic Customs and Etiquette

The various manifestations of the conduct, mannerisms and pattern of living of a group of people are called customs and etiquette. No period of human civilization has remained devoid of them. We find them in currency in every clan, culture… Read More ...

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Meezan Chapter 13 Class Customs and observances Shari’ah of Islam – Part 4/4

Article Image Meezan Lecture 'The customs and observances Shari’ah of Islam' Part 04 – Javed Ahmad Ghamidi teaching from his book Meezan. In this lecture he teaches from the chapter 'The customs and observances Shari’ah of Islam'. (Lecture no. 04– Recorded on 10th November 2012) Watch this video ...
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3. Muslim Revivalist Movements: The Creed of Tasawwuf

Article Image This series of lectures was recorded in Australia in January 2014. The visit and lectures were organised by Al-Mawrid Australia. Watch this video ...
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