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Regarding Fate and Predestination

Some Muslims believe that their fate has been pre-written. If this is so, then why will some people be sent to Hell for deeds which were written down beforehand and they could do nothing about them? Also, what is the… Read More ...

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Regarding the Prohibition of Portraits and Pictures

It is believed that Islam prohibits making pictures of living-beings.  Unfortunately, the stance of Islam on this issue has been grossly misunderstood. It is not true that Islam prohibits pictures and portraits in the absolute sense. Only pictures which cultivate… Read More ...

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A Woman has Half a Man’s Diyat

Diyat means a fine a murderer has to pay the family of the murdered person in case he or she is granted pardon. It is believed that if a lady is murdered the fine that would be given to her… Read More ...

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Qur’ān is a Manual of Complete Knowledge

Some people are of the view that the Qur’ān contains knowledge of everything and in it is found the answer to every question which comes to our mind. The following verse is generally presented to substantiate this view:

مَا… Read More ...

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Prohibition of Friendship with Non-Muslims

On the basis of the following verse of the Qur’ān, some Muslim scholars are of the view that Muslims should never make friends with non-Muslims; in fact, they should show hostility and venom towards them:

لَا يَتَّخِذْ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ الْكَافِرِينَ… Read More ...

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23. The Etiquette of Sexual Intimacy

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Everyone knows that the real bliss of married life is the freedom a person has in intimate affairs barring a few broad restrictions. The feeling of this freedom has a great amount of euphoria around it. When a person is… Read More ...

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Lam Tamleek se Istadlal ki Haqeeqat

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Ghair Muslimon se Dosti ki Mumaniat

In this video Dr Shehzad Saleem presents his views regarding general thought that friendship with non-muslim is not allowed in Islam. Watch this video ...

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