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The Rulings on Al-Kudrah and As-Sufrah


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As-Sufrah is the pale yellow blood that flows from a female.

Al-Kudrah is black or very, very dark blood.

The Ruling of Al-Kudrah and AsSufrah
When a woman sees pale yellow blood or black blood, or sees usual wetness, then her situation is either of the following:

a. She sees it during the period of menstruation or right before the time of purity (from menstruation).

In this condition, the ruling regarding one who menstruates applies for her. This is in accordance with the hadeeth narrated by A’ishah.

She stated that the women used to use pieces of cloth similar to pads during their menstrual cycles. When they saw the cotton stained with pale yellow blood, she would say to them: “Do not be in haste. Wait until you see the whitish discharge.” She meant that it (the whitish discharge) is the sign of purity from menstruation.”

b. Or she sees it after purification (from menstruation).

In this situation, it will not be regarded or given any consideration. Neither wudu’ nor al-ghusl is therefore imperative on her. This is according to the hadeeth narrated by Umm’Atiyyah when she said: “We used to not regard Al-Kudrah and As-Sufrah as (being) important after purification.” [ narrated by Abu Dawud.]


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