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п»ї<h1> 5 tips for before removing a wart </h1>
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In the majority of the occasions, the presence of warts is irrelevant to us since they are located in little visible zones of the body; However, this situation changes when talking about the face, legs, hands or neck. What are the alternatives and what should be taken into account before removing a wart?

  In an interview for EdenFantasys.com, Valeria DГ­az, a dermatologist at the Eugenio Sue Clinic, tells you why it is important to eliminate a wart beyond body aesthetics.

  According to the expert, warts are viral infections that can be transmitted to other parts of the body or to other people. These lesions can be flat or rough.

5 tips that you should take into account when removing a wart

  Valeria DГ­az indicates that the most common type of warts are the petty warts, which appear on the feet and hands; fish eyes, which are located between the toes and the plant, and vaginal warts, product of a type of human papilloma. Before deciding to eliminate them, the expert suggests that the following tips should be taken into account:

1. Correct diagnosis. Since this type of injuries can be indicative of a more serious problem; example, skin cancer.

2. Always remove it with a specialist. Since the options that exist in the market do not work or are imitation of what dermatologists use. This can trigger severe skin damage.

3. The treatment will depend on where the lesion is located. This can be surgical or laser.

4. They are injuries that if treated correctly do not leave scars. The entire result of its elimination is totally aesthetic.

5. Try not to touch the injuries.

What happens in the case of moles?

For Diaz not all moles are removed, only those who are suspected of cancer or cosmetic issues. The way to remove them is through surgery, since they have cells that reach the depth of the skin; then methods that treat only the surface of the skin can not eliminate them completely.

This also responds to the fact that sometimes the moles appear again, since the proper process was not carried out. The most important thing is to always attend with an expert, to prevent more serious damages and illnesses.