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The Fast of Ramadan


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The Fast of Ramadan

The Fast of Ramadan is fardh. One who denies the fardiyat oh the Fast of Ramadan becomes a kaafir while one who accepts its fardiyat but neglects its observance is described as a fasiq.

The Fast of Ramadan commences when the sighting of the Ramadan hilal has been confirmed in accordance with the rules of shariah.

Niyyat for the Fast of Ramadan should be renewed each day. A single niyyat at the beginning of Ramadan will not suffice for the Fast of the entire month. Partaking of the sehri meal will be an adequate niyyat for the validity of the Fast.While it is better to recite a verbal niyyat as well, the mere act of rising from sleep to participate in sehri with the intention of fasting constitutes the actual niyyat.

The Fast of Ramadan belongs to the first class of wajib fasting. Therefore, the for the Ramadan fasting will be valid nisfun nahar.However there is making the niyyat at night, before sunrise.

A mutlaq niyyat will suffice for the Fast of Ramadan.Thus, it is not incumbent to say ” i am fasting the Fast of Ramadan fardh Fast”. it will suffice to intend that one is just fasting.

During the month of Ramadan, only the Fast of the prevalent Ramadan can be kept. No other Fast is valid in the month of Ramadan.Thus, previous qadha fast, kaffarah fast, nafl fasts, etc.

If on account of a reason accepted as valid by the shariah, one does not fast during Ramadan, one should not eat in the presence of others.
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