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6 Kalma of Islam - For Apple users


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Kalmas are the declaration of faith where mulsims declare the oneness of Allah Almighty. Quran reading has developed an iOS Application for the muslim users to let them learn, memorize 6 Kalma of Islam with translation and transliteration. The translation is included in English and Arabic languages.

6 kalma are the followings:
Kalima Tayyab is necessary for belief and center of Imaan.
Kalima Shahadah stands for the remark of evidence.
Kalma Tamjeed explains the expression of Majesty.
Kalma Tauheed is the declaration towards oneness of Allah Almighty.
Kalma Astaghfar is the word of penitence to seek forgiveness.
Kalma Radde Kufr has discrete subject of word of rejection.

Features include:
- User friendly interface
- English translation of Each Kalima of Islam
- Learn Kalima of Islam with authentic pronunciation
- Audio Mp3 recitation in the soulful voices of renowned recitors

Download this beautiful Islamic App and earn rewards by memorizing 6 Kalma of Islam



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i learn lot of things about islam


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