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Court Marriage in USA


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Asa dear brothers and sisters,
I have been in a dilemma at family front since two years when i married someone in US Court.The marriage was arranged by a mutual friend who knew her family for thirty plus years while knew me for some time also.We were from same country and ethnicity.Both our parents were on board in the marriage.I was in school at that time(Nov 2013) and my visa had expired so i was out of status in US.I was a medical doctor from my country and doing a masters degree in healthcare at a US university.I flew to her home and met her family then came back to my place and flew again to get married.The idea of doing court marriage was theirs not mine because she would have filed for my Green card after the marriage.When we got married in court,on my request to perform nikah(traditional)as well,her father refused by saying that it will be done next month by calling people for celebration and after we return from umrah.I agreed and came back to my school as my finals were there.We were constantly in touch with eachother but three weeks later,she stopped talking to me and in Dec i received the annulment papers from court in which she alleged that i married her by fraud.I had no other way but to have an attorney and fight the case.Her attorney changed the allegation to force or duress(by parents) and in August 2014,the court annulled the marriage on basis of force or duress(by her parents).I am hearing now that she is getting or has got married again.I have no idea what to do because i married her with good will and loved her.Is the court decision valid while she got it by lying to the court and because i couldn’t fight the case as i had no money,or family who could support me and her father approached by attorney too….was the court marriage an actual nikah as well?(her mother,sister 24 and brother 19 were present at the time of ceremony) i have told everybody about my marriage so i didn’t conceal it.Is the annulment she got from a US court a proper divorce or annulment.If not,what are my options?