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Life before Adam (A.S)


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Adam was the first person who was created by Allah Almighty, and there exists no other tribe before him. The verses of Quran holds witness to Adam’s creation, stating that when Allah was creating Hazrat Adam (AS) his vicegerent, the angels replied that Humans will create chaos on earth, but Allah refuted it with the rationale that what I know you do not know.
Muslims kids are oblivious of these Islamic narrations their creation, forefathers and Allah’s foreboding before human life creation, including those who have little knowledge of their religion, yet no single verse of Quran states that there was any tribe or clan prior Hazrat Adam (AS) making Him the first ever creation and we all his descendents.

Jinn the First Dweller on Earth:
Surah Ar Rahman is the imperative Surah of Quran, which has entitled with the adornment of Quran entailing the creation of jinn and humans for worship of Allah. Hadith attests to the fact in which it was quoted that jinn listen to the sacred verses of Surah Rahman and respond when reached to the verses of “which of the favors of your Lord will you deny.” These verses testify that jinn were on earth long ago but Adam was the first creation of human tribe as stated:
“The first ones to dwell on earth were the jinn, and they caused mischief therein, shedding blood and killing one another. “ [Al Tabarani]
They were the first dwellers upon earth regarding Jinn Quran states that the glorified and exalted Rab created them from fire. Jinn too were on earth for Allah’s worship, but due to their tyrant nature, they avert and were destroyed by the angels. It was narrated from Ar-Rabee‘ Ibn Anas:
“Allah created the angels on Wednesday, and He created the jinn on Thursday and He created Adam on Friday. Then some of the jinn disbelieved, and the angels used to come down to earth to fight them, and there was bloodshed and corruption on earth.”

Second Rationale that Denied Jinn First Dwellers:
The verse in which Quran states the creation of Adam vigorously refuted Jinn being the first creation on earth as the later part of the verse stated that before Adam, no one was there and he was the first creation after angels on earth.
“Allah, may He be exalted, said to the angels: I want to create a creature on earth and make him a vicegerent (khaleefah) therein. On that day Allah had no creation except the angels, and there were no creatures on earth.” [At Tabari]

After Creation of Earth:
After creation of earth the first will that Allah states were the creation of Adam (AS) as His vicegerent on earth to gratify Allah and His blessings. Vicegerent is the one who takes control of other’s property when no one was there to take care of and manages. This is suffice to shed light that the creation of jinn was the later part comes after the creation of Hazrat Adam (AS) meaning that Allah wants His creation to take the control of the earth realm along worshipping His orders.

Story of Hinn Prior Jinn:

The story which states that there were Hinn who were on earth and then overtaken by Jinn sounds a mere narration with no legitimate proof. The narrations and Islamic doctrines refuted the story that is why there is no mentioning or quotation regarding Hinn before Jinn. These are only the myths mentioned in the Greek and Persian philosophies, which travels to generations yet bears no evidence.
No matter who were the first on the edifice of this earth, it is beyond any iota of doubt that Adam was the first ecclesiastic on earth created by the Mighty Lord from the clay into shape of pottery. The presence of Jinn was long ago on earth destroyed due to their chaotic nature and hence replaced by Adam (AS) and his sons.


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