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1. There is no form of Had (Prescribed Punishment) in Islam like flogging, cutting hands, stoning etc.
Javed Ahmad Ghamdi strongly condemn that there is no prescribed punishment for adulterers, and wine drinking etc. He thinks that those mentioned punishments were for only those people of Medina. And those verses are not applicable now. He has written a lot on this topic. Hadod ordinance in Pakistan is blessing of his research. Now, in Pakistan, any raped woman will be able to get justice without need of four male witnesses via DNA tests etc.
2. Hadith can not be trusted alone. Hadith is to be seen in the light of Qoran and common sense of Muslim Ummah.
He strongly rejects the concept of hadith. And according to him, only a hadith which is according to Qoran and “common sense of Muslims” is acceptable. Therefore all hadiths of pedophilia, genocides and terrorism are nullified in this way.
3. Jesus died a natural death.
Jesus died a natural death. He was not uplifted by Allah. This reformation can help Muslims to come near the ahmadees. Who are being persecuted in Pakistan.
4. There is no penalty for an Apostate (Murtad) in Islam.
Islam allows a democratic state. Every one is free to change his religion. Those ahadith were for specific time.
Ghamdi have given some arguments against the death plenty of apostasy.
5. Claims the 7 recitations of quran to be wrong.
There is no space for seven recitations in qoran.
6. Music and Dancing is permissible in islam.
Music is allowed in islam. Ghamdi gave number of ahadith to prove the allowance of music and dance in islam.
7. Jihad against oppression is the only jihad allowed
Jihad is not allowed unless the head of the state orders. Jihad is only war against persecution. The best jihad is “jihad bi nafs” which says to fight against human ego.
8. The Shahadat (testimony) of a man and woman are equal
Women and Men have equal rights according to Ghamdi. And both can give testimony in court. Only in case of adultery the testimony of woman is half. Which is due to certain facts.
9. There is no concept of Purdah (Hijab / Veil) in Islam.
The concept of veil etc is not a part of islam. Only woman and men are guided to guard their sexual organs. Mr. Ghamdi have a lot of discussion on this issue. Due to which , he is very popular among the modern women of pakistan.
10. Democracy is real system of Islamic state.
According to Ghamdi, the real system of Islam is democracy, Caliphate is not acceptable.
11. There would be no jazziya to non muslims in pakistan.
Pakistanee non muslims are not the dhimmis. Pakistan is bound in pact with U.N to give them equal rights.
And mohammed gave equal rights to Jews of media after his migration. “Medina pact” is the constitution of Pakistan.
12. A woman can be prime minister of pakistan.
Those ahadith regarding the nations having woman as the head of state will never flourish were specific for some nations. Now , any woman can be head of state.
13. A non muslim can be prime minister of pakistan.
Pakistan is a democratic country, if people want any non muslim to be their prime minister, then it is allowed in islam.
14. Having beard is not necessary.
Having beard was the culture of that time. Even Abu Jahal had beard. So it is not necessary to have beard in Islam.
15. Only moral teaching should be given in Islamic studies in pakistan.
There should be moral and ethical teachings in Islamic studies. Jihad and other subjects should not be taught to the children.
16. Jihadi verses were only for those days and now those verses will be used in war time by soldiers.
The sorat Taubah and other jihadi sorahs were revealed against the non believers who challenged the writ to prophethood so as wrath of Allah those verses were revealed. Now those verses are not applicable to every Muslim. Those verses will be used for only soldiers.
17. Pakistan was not founded on Islamic bases but it was founded due to economic reasons.
Pakistan is not a theocratic state. It is not founded on Islamic grounds. But it was founded to protect the rights of muslims from hindu majority. Therefore it is not necessary to eastablish Islamic rule in pakistan.
18. Pakistan should be neither Islamic nor secular state but it should be a democratic state.
The government should let the people decide what kind of state they want. Either they want Islamic or secular state. Government should not enforce its prescribed agenda to people of paksitan.
20. Qoran accept evolution but rejects macro evolution of human beings.
Qoran accepts the evolution of universe but it is against the evolution of human being from ape.
21. Only way to spread Islam is “dawah”, the sword can not be used any way.
The use of sword is now abrogated. Islam can only be spread by dawah.
22. Woman can also divorce as man.
Now a days , Javed Ahmad Ghamdi is working on the law for right of woman to divorce his husband. Soon we will be having good news here in Pakistan that women will be able to get divorce in 90 days.
23. Islamic government can not enforce Muslims to have beard and do jihad.
Talibans are certainly wrong to enforce to say prayer and have beard. Islamic government have no right to enforce any Muslim even to do jihad.
24. Clash of civilization never happen in history.
Every super power wants to dominate the world as America is doing and Germany , Russia and Muslims did in history. America attacked Afghanistan due to some strategic reason. It is not a war against Islam.
25. Non Muslims are brothers of Muslims because they were, too, were born by Adam.
Every human being is brother of other because of having common religious beliefs.
27. To help any needy is better then performing hajj.
28. All kinds of fine arts and funs are hallal in islam.
Arts are hallal in Islam like sculptures, pictures and music.
29. There is no punishment of cutting hands in Islam.
There is no prescribed punishment in I


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