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    ISLAM - Complete Submission to Allah; I believe that Allah is the only Guide and we do not need any other guide but Allah. I also believe that Quran is fully preserved, in perfect order and explained by Allah himself within Quran itself. It means that we do not need any other source including hadith to either interpret Quran or the way of life. All of this I have understood from Quran itself. Nothing else can add or modify the Quran. I differ with Javed Ahmad Ghamidi that Sunnah is Muqaddam than Quran. He has never provided any reasoning from Quran (at least I am not aware of it). If we were to accept only the logical reasoning without any proof from Quran than we might have to abandon Islam as well. I believe that only Sunnah is the Sunnah of Allah and what he refers to as Sunnah is "Millati Ibrahima Haneefa" (True Deen of Ibrahim) and all of that is either present in Quran or Quran points clearly that where we can take at least the basic structure of True Deen of Ibrahim. I also think that I have reasns to believe that the "True Deen of Ibrahim" is not 100% true any more due to certain amendments. There are some indications in Quran and also the fact that Allah has guarenteed to guard only Quran and nothing else (that is the primary reason among others that "Sunnah" or "True Deen of Ibrahim" may not be true any more. At this point I have a frustration and feel the need to investigate. Until that time when I find the truth myself (I do not take the words of Dr. Shabbir or Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz for granted) I have accepted the traditional ritual Islam as my current DEEN OF IBRAHIM" I think that the true term for the "way of the profit" is "Seerat" instead of Sunnah and all we need to know about Seerat can be taken from (1) Quran, (2) Hadith (if they do not contradict with Quran and do not add anything in the Deen), (3) Books of History (if they do not contradict with Quran and do not add anything in the Deen). I do not consider anyone disbeliever (among Muslims). I also listen to everyone and the follow the best in the light of Quran. I am always willing to update my understanding of Quran and Islam if someone can logically convince me again in the light of Quran. I am rarely inspired by anyone and Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is one of those. At the same time I differ with him when I think that either he is going against the principles of Quran or does not seem to provide enough logical reasoning. I also like Llama Muhammad Iqbal as a thinker, poet and scholar of Quran. I am so many times marveled by his deep understanding of Quran reflecting in his poetry. I like the translations of Quran by Muhammad Asad and interpretation of Quran by Amin Ahsan Islahi (I have somehow got hold of his 9 volume Tadabbr Al-Quran in Urdu here in USA). But I have difference of opinion with both of them as well especially when they interpret Quran through traditions. حقیقت خرافات میں کھو گئی یہ امت روایات میں کھو گئی اقبال
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    Political views
    I favor Rule of Allah but on the other other hand Democracy means; government by the people; especially: rule of the majority An Islamic state is bound by basic principles bestowed on us by Allah through Quran. While an Islamic government submits to the principles set foth by Allah democracy tends to lead the society towards freedom or desires of the people. quran as well as our observation tells us that most of the people follow their desires. Therefore if the majority rules then more chances are there that the government will go astray and the examples can be seen every where. It does not mean that I am in favor of dictatorship or malookiat. I think that we as muslims should devise our own system of government in the light of guiding principles. Democracy does not follow the guiding principles of Quran and in fact developed and promoted by Satanic forces such as western civilizations, Americans and freemasons etc. Allen E. Roberts writes about the canada and United States that, "Freemasons played prominent roles in helping to form democratic governments in both countries, a legacy of which every Freemason should be proud!" (Reference: http://www.masonicworld.com/education/files/artjune01/freemasonry_and_democracy.htm).


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