Women generally colour their nails with some material or the other. In current times, various types of nail polishes are used for this purpose. The question which arises as a result is about the method of doing wudu in such cases. Generally, three answers have been given to this question:

Firstly, wudu cannot be done if a lady has put on nail polish, and therefore it must be removed every time before doing wudu.

Secondly, even after putting on nail polish, the status of a lady’s hands do not change, and therefore wudu would be valid if done in this situation; there is no need to remove the nail polish.

Thirdly, such a situation should be considered analogous to wiping of socks (mash). So if nail polish has been put on after doing wudu, there is no need to remove it; wudu can be done on it. However, if it has been put on without doing wudu, then it must be removed and then wudu should be done.

I prefer the third of these views. It is the view which takes caution into consideration and also does not burden a lady. It is also closer to the objective of self-purification. It is therefore recommended that women adopt this method for coming into the presence of their Lord.

(Translated by Dr Shehzad Saleem)