Time does not wait for any one. It moves swiftly and silently. Those who are able to value time, are valued by time. Those who waste time are in the danger of being wasted by time. A person who is wasted by time is a person who has lost the opportunity to bring out his true potential in this world for his own benefit and for the benefit of others. Every second counts if we take charge of our life. Vacant time leads to a vacant mind and a vacant mind is the devil’s play ground. He will lure us in a jiffy and make us traverse terrains that we will be ashamed of.

The most important thing in this regard is to pre-plan activities for vacant periods of the day. We all know that there do come these time slots every day in which we have nothing to do. Instead of killing time or procrastinating, we must think of efficiently utilizing it. Some suggestions that come to mind are:

1. Counting our blessings: we can keep track of the comforts of life that we enjoy and start by naming them one by one in our minds. This will make us thankful individuals.

2. Increasing our vocabulary: a good occupation of utilizing spare time is to pick up a vocabulary book and add more words to our repertoire of words.

3. Hunting for spare things: our houses are replete with things which we know we will never use in the future. So let us choose to part from them by collecting them and then giving them away.

4. Memorizing: ,emorizing verses from our religious scriptures is a very good use of this extra-time. It keeps our minds tuned to God’s remembrance.

5. Sympathizing through Social Media: we must keep our eyes open for people who are in distress around us Picking up the phone, writing an email, sending messages through facebook or whatsapp or other social media applications can be comforting for them and thus a constructive to pass our free time.

These are some small suggestions that may help us occupying ourselves when we have vacant time.