Comprehension Questions


1. What are the some of common instances in which we lie




i. gossip

ii. hearsay

iii. backbiting

iv. false allegations

v. exaggeration

vi. lame excuses

vii. selling defective goods

viii. giving false witness for friends

ix. false health certificates to obtain sick leave / false passports / ID cards

x. false age of birth certificates

xi. false promises /commitments

xii. not admitting mistakes and lying

xiii. false advocacy / lawyership

iv. mothers protecting their children

xv. religious scholars concocting narratives

xvi. polytheism

xvii. plagiarism

xviii. flattery

xix. wrong meter reading

xx. mixing water with milk

xxi. proxy attendance

xxii. false signatures in harmless letters

xxiii. “I am coming,” when we know that we are one hour away

xxiv. lame excuses

xxv. creating false impression about ourselves

xxvi. false recommendations

xxviii. impersonation


2. Mention some instances in which lying is justified




i. thanking a person for a present we really hate

ii. praising a dish someone specially cooked for us even though it was utterly tasteless

iii. lying to reunite two friends or a husband and wife

iv. Telling a depressed dying patient that doctors think that he is improving day by day

v. not giving all the money to a robber who asks you to give all the money you have

vi. kalama e kufr – according to the Qur’an (24:14)

vii. jokes

viii. certain questions of kids which cannot be answered

ix. giving surprises


3. How can we become more truthful in our lives?




i. stop thinking what others will say or think about us

ii. one of the greatest things which induce us to lie is arrogance: accept the fact that human beings can falter

iii. casting off false impressions and images for each relationship

a. being truthful to our ownselves – accepting what we are; taking a stand on what we think is correct

b. being truthful to our parents

c. being truthful to our spouse

d. being truthful to our children

e. being truthful to our friends

iv. refraining from comparing our selves to others

v. learning to become a true seeker of the truth – this will make truth to be our prized possession

vi. reading stories of people who have given their lives for the truth, who were ostracized from the society, who were hated but they stood their ground

vii. respecting blunt people because they tell the truth

vii. whenever we lie, we should impose a penalty on our selves

viii. acquiring courage

ix. confessing to God and apologizing to people

x. avoiding situations that tempt us to lie

xi. prizing the feeling of guilty consciousness

xii. fasting helps because while fasting we are never dishonest to God about the restrictions imposed on us




Quiz Marking Scheme


How Truthful are you?



i. (10)

ii. (-5)

iii. (-10)



i. (10)

ii. (-5)

iii. (0)



i. (-5)

ii. (10)

iii. (2)



i. (10)

ii. (-10)

iii. (0)



i. (-10)

ii. (10)

iii. (-10)



i. (10)

ii. (0)

iii. (-10)

iv. (-20)



i. (-5)

ii. (10)

iii. (5)



i. (-5)

ii. (-10)

iii. (-10)

iv. (10)



i. (2)

ii. (-10)

iii. (10)



i. (-10)

ii. (0)

iii. (10)