Verse 6 ‘Whopassing through the valley of Baca make it a well; the rain also filleth the pools.’ points out the exact proper name of the place from which the pilgrims have to pass through for the accomplishment of their pilgrimage at ‘Arafat.It is to be noted that some of the translations have changed the word ‘Baca’with some other word. The New Jerusalem Bible(p. 900, 901)has translated it as ‘Balsam’and has remarked in the footnote:

In seven MSS and in versions, ‘the valley of Tears’ (the Hebrew words for these two words are identical when spoken).

Some other translations havenot taken the word ‘Baca’ as a proper noun and have translated it to ‘misery’[1], ‘Weary-glen’[2], ‘thirsty valley’[3], ‘arid valley [Duoay Vulgate, ed. John P. O' Connell, 1950, p.513]’ etc. All the 26 translations ofDr. Curtis Vaughan’s ‘The OT Books of Poetry from 26 Translations’ have basically considered the original Hebrew wordas ‘Baca’. The 7th Day Adventist Bible Com. reports:

The LXX[4] and the Vulgate[5] translate the phrase ‘valley of Baca’ as ‘valley of Tears’ ['in the vale of tears,': The Holy Bible tr. (1609) From the Latin Vulgate by the Eng. College at Douay (OT) and the Eng. College at  Rheim (N.T) (NY: P. J. Kenedy & Sons, 1914), Ps. 83:7, p. 624. 'through the arid valley': The Holy Bible, ed. Revd. John P O' Connell (Chicago: the Catholic Press, 1950), p.513].’[6]

It means that according to these Greek and Latin translations of the Bible as well, the original Hebrew word here is ‘Baca’. Here is a list of some more translations, versions, and commentaries of the Bible that have used the word ‘Baca’ at this place:

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