Comprehension Questions


1. What are the areas in which sympathy can be shown?




i. attending to a sick relative / showing persistence / not staying too long

ii. animal rights: pets / stray animals / beasts of burden and transport / sharp knives/ caging them

iii. praying even if nothing else is possible

iv. during national crisis and calamities

v. influencing others who can help a needy

vi. visiting hospitals / orphanages

vii. showing sympathy for sinners

viii. being polite to servants

ix. attending to friends / colleagues passing through distress

x. helping others

xi. showing sympathy with the survivors of a deceased

xii. at times merely listening to the problems of others is enough

xiii. calling / emailing those who are in distress and you cannot reach

xiv. trying to go out of the way in promoting the cause of the weak

xv. providing legal aid

xvi doctors showing sympathy to the attendants of a patient

xvii. being sympathetic to weaknesses and shortcomings of others specially the spouse / parents / children

xviii. helping disabled individuals

xix. helping old people

xx. caring for plants

xxi. not differentiating between Muslims and non-Muslims

xxii. sensitivity to neighbours and their comfort

xxiii. looking after guests

xxiv. caring for labourers / artisans

xxv. caring for widows

xxvi caring for orphans



2. Draw the portrait of a sympathetic person




i. patient

ii. generous

iii. helping

iv. good listener

v. kind hearted

vi. always on the look out to help

vii. very sensitive


3. How can we become more sympathetic in our lives?




i. being sympathetic to others makes us forget our worries

ii. considering ourselves in distress even if we are not and seeing how much we cherish sympathy from others

iii. never detaching our selves from our surroundings

iv. sympathy is innate – we need to sharpen this trait.

v. reading stories / watching movies about people who have this trait

vi. making our child learn sympathy by making him responsible for rearing a plant or a pet

vii. making it a point to visit people in distress

viii. learnimg sympathy from God and from mothers



Quiz Marking Scheme


How Sympathetic are you?



i. (0)

ii. (2)

iii. (10)



i. (5)

ii. (10)

iii. (0)



i. (10)

ii. (0)

iii. (0)



i. (10)

ii. (2)

iii. (-5)



i. (10)

ii. (-20)

iii. (-20)



i. (-10)

ii. (10)

iii. (2)



i. (5)

ii. (10)

iii. (0)



i. (10)

ii. (10)

iii. (-5)



i. (10)

ii. (-10)

iii. (-20)



i. (-10)

ii. (10)

iii. (-20)