As individuals we all have qualities and we all have bad habits and wrong attitudes. Striving to become better individuals and get ridding of our bad traits should be our cherished target. To become a better human being and a better professional in our field, we must set tough and stringent standards for our selves. If we want to succeed in life we must resort to self-accountability.

We must make a list of our bad habits and attitudes and undertake a strong resolve to eradicate or at least reduce their intensity. This will has to be present before any remedial measure can begin.

The best time for this self-accountability is before going to sleep at night each day. We should close our eyes and let the events of the day flash before us. We must then evaluate the sins, vices and mistakes committed. And let us then resolve to not repeat them the next day. We need to continue with this routine every day even if we continue to repeat the same sins and mistakes again and again. Life is a constant struggle. We must never give up in the wake of repeated failures. It is the effort that counts before God.

So, before God holds us accountable in the Hereafter, let us hold ourselves accountable before our own selves!