To the Second (Revised) Edition (2007)


Initiallythe book was published in 2004. After that the writer received some suggestions. Valuable reviews have also been published in some esteemed national and international journals. The author tried to improve the book where required. The author is grateful to the authorities who had kindly undertaken the reviews and suggestions. The author himself went through the book a number of times and made some revisions where deemedfit.

‘A Brief Account of the History of Jerusalem’ has also been included as an Appendix in the book. The author asked his son, Ihsanur Rahman Ghauri, Lecturer, Isl. St. Dptt., Pb. Univ., Lahore to undertake the task. It is gratifying that he completed the task quite to the mark. The author thoroughly revised the work and recommended some updates that he properly incorporated therein. He has also prepared the index of the footnote entries, which has increased the utility of the book to a great extent. The writer is thankful to him for his scholarly contribution. He has submitted his Ph. D. Thesis. May Allah Almighty bless him with success!

Improvements have also been incorporated in the Appendix ‘A Brief Account of the History of Solomon’s Temple’. For the sake of propriety ‘The Status of the Chronicles’ has been shifted to the Appendix section of the book.

Generally the Chicago Manual for Writers has been followed in footnotes, references, etc; but sometimes it was considered useful to devise some style friendly to the user. Some observations and reviews have been included in the preliminary pages of the book to apprise the reader of its usefulness.


Abdus Sattar Ghauri,

Lahore: Sept. 6, 2007.