Patience, focusing, pausing the train of never-stopping-wasteful-thinking and being humble are some of the essentials as well as outcomes of a purified heart. It would be nice to be able to engage in an activity that brings out and improves all these qualities while being enjoyable for you and your loved ones at the same time.

Play with children! However, don’t play with them like an adult, pretending that you are playing while continuing your wasteful thinking and giving them less than half of your attention. Rather, play with them as one of them! Get excited about what excites them and compete for what they are competing for. Let go of your adulthood for a while and enjoy the simple, yet passionate world of those whose hearts have not yet been polluted with the experiences of adulthood.

You can mix this exercise with tip number one about “waiting”. Set the alarm to ring in say, 15 minutes and then devote that time to the kid(s) you are playing with. Do not look at the clock every now and then to see when the 15 minutes will pass; the alarm will let you know.

This is perhaps one of the few Tazkiyah Points that makes your kids happy as well!

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)