Patience, being calm and cool are some of the most important elements of a healthy soul. These are in fact some of the ingredients of a state of heart that in the words of the Qur’an is called ‘Sakinah’. One way to practice this in our daily life is to control our attitude towards ‘waiting’. For example, next time that you are alone in a lift, try not to follow the sign that shows you the number of the floor that is passed, you have pressed the button and you know it will stop, just wait for it. You decide to read a book for 15 minutes, set an alarm clock to alert you in 15 minutes. Then keep reading the book and do not look at the clock till it actually rings. You are discussing a subject with a friend, see if you can control yourself not to interrupt him while allowing him to interrupt you. These are only a few examples in our daily life when we can change a waiting situation to an opportunity to improve our Sakinah.

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)