I am a better person when I am in the company of people who know me, less of a good person when I am in the circle of my own family and worst when I am alone.

Normally, this scenario happens when a person is not yet fully successful in improving his personality and soul. What such a person needs to do is to apply the same consciousness and inspiration in his private life that he feels when he is in the company of people who know him.

The situation above is not perfect, but not a disaster either. However, sometimes we tend to accept the fact that we demonstrate better personality in the company of those who know us and that this personality changes and sometimes, completely vanishes when we are alone. This situation is far from perfect and is in fact, a disaster. It is disaster because it manifests a feature that is specific to the hypocrites. In this situation, the person is proud of the version of himself that is known by people and he almost completely ignores the version of himself that appears when he is on his own. What he does not appreciate is that the version in front of others is only a fake version, it is not him. It is in fact, the version that appears later in his solitary times that is his real version. Such a person gradually becomes a hypocrite himself; One who not only deceives others but also deceives himself.

The true effects of Tazkiyah appear in an inside out direction rather than an outside in direction.

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)