We know that reading the Qur’an during the Tahajjud prayer and before the time of the morning prayer is very much recommended. It is understandable that due to our daily routine work, not many may be able to do this regularly. It is highly recommended that, if not regularly, we at least do this a few days per week or month. However, there is another thing we can do on a regular basis that can hardly intervene with our daily routine work:

Reading the Qur’an after the morning prayer, before going to work or returning to bed is a very effective tool for Tazkiyah. It is not necessary to read a long portion of the Qur’an, even a few verses will do which may take only a few minutes, but of course, something that does need the person to sit down and spend a little time before leaving his prayer mat. The most important thing is to do this regularly.

Amazingly and strangely enough, when we want to do this, at least at the start, we may sometimes feel a mysterious resistance in our soul against it and something from within seems to discourage us from doing this (which might take only less than 5 minutes altogether). Could this be a sign that this is such an effective thing to do that Satan and/or our own weak soul will do all they can to stop it from happening?

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)