I asked him if he knew about the situation in Libya and the fact that many had been killed in the demonstrations, he replied, “Yes, I have heard some news”. I asked him, “What do you think about it?” He just shook his head. I asked him if he had any suggestions for helping people in Libya and North Africa in need of shelters, food and medicines. Again, he just looked at me and only offered a smile. Seeing my puzzled face, he said, “My dear brother, I am so busy with my inner struggle for purification that I do not have any time to spare, in fact, I do not even consider it appropriate to get engaged in these worldly matters!”

Later on when I was by my self, I felt saddened by the thought that his Tazkiyah was so different from the one that the Qur’a#n referred to, the one which the Last Prophet, peace be upon him, practiced and promoted. I wish that he knew that when one makes another human being happy while having the right intentions in the heart, that action results in a magical effect on the Tazkiyah (purification) of his soul. 

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)