Although I had been working on this project for about more than two decades, yet, I am sure, it could not have seen the light of day, had Mr. Jāved Ahmad Ghāmidī not provided me necessary set up and facilities for the task, so that I might work whole-heartedly and devotedly for it. Almighty Allah’s Grace made me approach this man. May Allah Almighty bless him with health, happiness, and His guidance to work for the cause of Islam. I assert it on the basis of my first hand information that he is not only a mountain of religious knowledge and its related sciences, but also an exemplar of Godliness (piety), God-cautiousness (taqwā), beauty of deeds (ihsān), kind-heartedness, conscientiousness, and incarnation of good manners and excellent moral values. He is endowed with the love of the Holy Prophet (pbAh), patronization of the men of letters, and devotion for the cause of Islam. This humble service of this writer being accepted before Almighty Lord, I pray that Ghāmidī Sāhib be made equal partner of the heavenly reward which Almighty Allah bestows upon His humble servant, as the writer prays to be. Amen!


Abdus Sattar Ghauri