I Qur’anic Verse of the Day


Human Conscience and Day of Judgement


لَاۤ   اُقۡسِمُ   بِیَوۡمِ  الۡقِیٰمَۃِ.وَ  لَاۤ   اُقۡسِمُ  بِالنَّفۡسِ اللَّوَّامَۃِ.اَیَحۡسَبُ الۡاِنۡسَانُ اَلَّنۡ نَّجۡمَعَ عِظَامَہٗ .بَلٰی قٰدِرِیۡنَ  عَلٰۤی  اَنۡ  نُّسَوِّیَ بَنَانَہٗ .بَلۡ یُرِیۡدُ الۡاِنۡسَانُ  لِیَفۡجُرَ  اَمَامَہٗ .یَسۡـَٔلُ  اَیَّانَ یَوۡمُ الۡقِیٰمَۃِ.فَاِذَا  بَرِقَ الۡبَصَرُ.وَ  خَسَفَ الۡقَمَرُ.وَ  جُمِعَ الشَّمۡسُ وَ الۡقَمَرُ.یَقُوۡلُ  الۡاِنۡسَانُ یَوۡمَئِذٍ  اَیۡنَ الۡمَفَرُّ.کَلَّا  لَا وَزَرَ.اِلٰی  رَبِّکَ یَوۡمَئِذِۣ  الۡمُسۡتَقَرُّ. یُنَبَّؤُا الۡاِنۡسَانُ یَوۡمَئِذٍۭ بِمَا قَدَّمَ وَ اَخَّرَ.بَلِ الۡاِنۡسَانُ  عَلٰی نَفۡسِہٖ بَصِیۡرَۃٌ.وَّ لَوۡ  اَلۡقٰی مَعَاذِیۡرَہٗ.(75: 1-15)


By no means! I present the very Day of Judgement as evidence [to it]. And by no means! I present as evidence the rebuking soul within you. Does man think that We will not be able to bring together his bones? Why not? We can put together the sections of his very finger. In fact, man wants to be mischievous before his [conscience]. He asks: “When will the Day of Judgement be?” But on the day when the sight is dazed, the moon eclipsed and the sun and the moon are brought together, he will say: “Whither to flee?” – No! There is no refuge now! Towards your Lord that Day is the resting place. On that Day, man will be informed what he sent forth and what he left behind. In fact, he himself is a witness upon his own self, however much he may put up excuses. (75:1-15)



II Hadith of the Day


The Etiquette of Sneezing


عَنْ أبي هُرَيْرَةَ رَضْيْ اللّٰہُ عَنْهُ عن النبي  صَلَّي اللّٰہُ عَلَیۡہِ وَسَلَّمَ قال إذا عَطَسَ أحدكم فَلْيَقُلْ الْحَمْدُ للِّٰہِ وَلْيَقُلْ له أَخُوهُ أو صَاحِبُهُ يَرْحَمُكَ اللّٰہ فإذا قال له يَرْحَمُكَ اللّٰہ فَلْيَقُلْ يَهْدِيكُمُ اللّٰہ وَيُصْلِحُ بَالَكُمْ


Abu Hurayrah (rta) reported that the Prophet (sws) said: “When anyone of you sneezes, he should say: الْحَمْدُ للِّٰہِ[1]and if his brother or companion hears these words, he should reply by saying يَرْحَمُكَ اللّٰہ.[2]And when he says يَرْحَمُكَ اللّٰہ, the [first person] should say:  يَهْدِيكُمُ اللّٰہ وَيُصْلِحُ بَالَكُمْ (may Allah guide you and keep you well.)”[3]



III Bible Verse of the Day


Seek and Thou shalt Find


Make a request, and it will be answered; what you are searching for you will get; give the sign, and the door will be open to you. (Matthew, 7:7)



IV Discussion Topic of the Day


Is Islam Defendable at all Fronts?


[1]. Gratitude is for God.

[2]. May God have mercy on you!

[3]. Al-Bukhari, Al-Jami‘ al-sahih, vol. 5, 2298, (no. 5870).