Comprehension Questions


1. What are the various ways of showing kindness to parents




i. not abandoning them for career

ii. giving them gifts

iii. bearing their unfounded anger

ix. pampering them

v. taking them out

vi. creating a balance between the spouse and them

vii. fulfilling their material / financial needs

viii. visiting them / calling them / emailing them / sending them flowers

ix. not scolding them because of their irritable behavior

x. being sensitive to their medical needs

xi. telling our children to respect them

xii. praying for them

xiii. differing with them politely

xiv. giving them time / talking to them/ laughing with them

xv. Hugging and kissing them

xvi. taking pains for them

xvii. informing them of what we do and of our achievements

xviii. respecting their friends

xix. making them feel wanted

xx. showing empathy to them


2. Enlist some wrong attitudes of parents




i. harshness, abusiveness, insulting behavior and beating children

ii. lack of time

iii. undue restrictions

iv. parents fighting with one another

v. preference for the male child

vi. high expectations from children

vii. not realizing the cultural change

viii. forcing them to choose a career / spouse of their choice

ix. not giving inheritance to the female offspring

x. not recognizing a daughter in law

xi. being over critical, cynical

xii. not tolerating difference of opinion

xiii. depriving daughters of inheritance


3. How should we deal with harsh parents?




i. respecting them

ii. remembering that we cannot change parents

iii. assessing the personality type of our parents and adjusting with them

iv. considering it to be a trial of life that has to be bravely faced

v. using third party help

vi. writing a polite letter

vii. bearing with patience their unfounded anger

viii. keep reminding our selves of their favours on us

ix. compromising with their ill ways

x. highlighting their virtues

xi. hiding their vices

xii. smiling when they are harsh

xiii. helping them in distress

xiv. praying for them

xv. making them busy by finding out voluntary work opportunities for them



Quiz Marking Scheme


How Kind are you to your Parents?



i. (0)

ii. (-2)

iii. (-10)

iv. (10)



i. (-10)

ii. (-20)

iii. (8)

iv. (10)



i. (-5)

ii. (5)

iii. (4)

iv. (10)



i. (-5)

ii. (0)

iii. (10)

iv. (-20)



i. (10)

ii. (7)

iii. (0)

iv. (-10)



i. (10)

ii. (7)

iii. (0)

iv. (-10)



i. (10)

ii. (2)

iii. (0)

iv. (-10)



i. (10)

ii. (7)

iii. (0)

iv. (-10)



i. (-15)

ii. (-10)

iii. (0)

iv. (10)



i. (10)

ii. (2)

iii. (0)

iv. (-20)