We all must have a heart that melts on hearing about the grief and sorrows of others. We need warm hearts and compassionate souls. This warmth and compassion is already found within us. However, it is lulled to sleep because of the hectic life routines that we generally tend to follow today. Hearts have become hard and emotions have become cold and feelings have gone dead.

We need to awaken the sympathy and compassion found within us. So, what can be done?

We can use our three faculties for this purpose:

i. Listening

ii. Reading

iii. Observing

Thus we should listen to, read about and visit places where people are in misery. This is like going through a workshop to melt our hearts.

Listening to people in distress melts our hearts and re-kindles in us the sentiments of helping them.

Readingabout the miseries of people in every-day news boosts our inner compassion.

Visiting old homes, hospitals, hospices and slums provides a natural impetus to the sympathy found within us.

These measures will hopefully melt our hearts and soften our souls.

So, let us make a concerted effort to train our hearts to melt when they see others in misery!