As human beings, each of us suffers from one loss or the other in some part of our life. At the time of some of these losses and sufferings, we often think that it will be virtually impossible for us to cope with their anguish.

And so many times have we experienced that as time passes, an agony that was unbearable was virtually deleted from our emotional memory. Time becomes the healer and we forget the greatest of our sufferings. Forgetfulness is generally a bad habit but it is on such occasions that it becomes a great blessing of God. Life moves on. Tears give way to laughter, agony is followed by ecstasy and dejection is replaced by hope.

We rise from a fall as if we had never fallen! We enjoy life as if we had never been stricken. We overlook the worries of the past as if they had never happened.

Thank you God for making us forget our miseries! Thank you for giving us the will to move on in life!