Character-building and personality development are essential for every human being. We must try our best to adhere to high standards of morality even before we become followers of any religion. Universal human values bond us in one fraternity. This book consists of an anthology of short essays that were written with an aim to provide tips to character-building and self-improvement. It is this spiritual advancement that may entitle us to the eternal kingdom of heaven.

More often than not we get lost in the intellectual sphere of religion and end up becoming oblivious to its practical sphere that teaches us to be good human beings. As individuals, we need to constantly strive to improve our character and conduct. What good is religious knowledge if it is not practically adopted in our daily lives? Our attitudes and inclinations need to be continuously polished and purified from stains that soil and spoil them. Dust and rust settles on our hearts and souls. Just as our houses need persistent cleaning, our souls too need cleansing on a regular basis. It is a life-long effort.

I hope and pray that these essays can provide some benefit for the purpose they were written. (Amen)


Shehzad Saleem

Al-Mawrid, 2015