Therelation of Umm al-Qura [Makkah] with Abraham (pbuh)is a significant theme of the Qur’anic Da‘wah. The Prophet of Islam (pbuh)was raised from among Bani Ishma‘el, a branch of the descendants of Abraham (pbuh). They were settled in Makkah. Abraham (pbuh)had himself settled this branch of his descendants at this place. This is the site where he had offered his only son for sacrifice in the vicinity of al-Marwah. This son was Ishma‘el (pbuh)who was the ancestor of Allah’s Last Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh). The corruption made by the Jews in their scriptures had been mostly pertaining to these themes. They incorporated the name of Isaac (pbuh)in their scriptures as the only son offered for sacrifice in lieu of Ishma‘el (pbuh). They have created great confusion regarding the place of Ishma‘el’s (pbuh)offering. They have also endeavoured to make the relation of Abraham (pbuh)with the sanctuary of Makkah doubtful in every respect.

It was essential to bring all these corruptions to light to establish the reality upon the Jews and Christians beyond any shadow of doubt. A renowned and great scholar of the present age, Imam Hamid al-Din Farahi, rendered this service. He wrote a booklet, al-Ra’y al-Sahih, fi man Huwa al-Dhabih, on this topic, in which he laid all the facts bare with most acceptable arguments.

Mr.Abdus Sattar Ghawri is also a scholar of the same field of learning. He has devoted his life in the study of the prophecies regarding the Prophet of Islam (pbuh)in the scriptures of the Jews and the Christians. Keeping in view the significance of the theme and to promote the esteemed research of Imam Hamid al-Din Farahi, he undertook a further study on ‘the Only Son Offered for Sacrifice Isaac or Ishma‘el?’. He wrote such a book in English which will be welcomed by the scholars of the religio/historical learnings. In addition to thrashing out the main problem, Mr. Ghawri has explored the mention of Makkah, Zamzam, and the mention of the pilgrimage of Makkah by King David and Isaiah in the Bible. He has included the following appendices as well, which provide useful and relevant information to the reader:

The Text of the Bible and Some Types of Corruption in It;

A Brief Account of the History of the Solomon’s Temple; and

A Brief Account of the History of Jerusalem.

He has set forth such ideas in his specific scholarly style which are equally notable for the scholars of the Bible and its relevant sciences; and for the scholars of the religious learnings at large. One may differ with his views; and, being a student of these sciences, I also hold varying views in some of the themes, from this our scholar; but nobody would deny his sincerity, his painstaking efforts, and his scholarly style of research. He is a heedful explorer of this concern and knows the ins and outs of the course fully well. Discerning scholars will testify his deep insight in biblical sciences.

Itis a matter of privilege for al-Mawrid to have such a scholar at its campus as a research fellow. We pray to Almighty Allah that he may work with this institution for long. May Allah shower His choicest blessings upon him for his valuable services.                      


Javed Ahmad Ghamidi ,

President, al-Mawrid.

June 13, 2007.