Feeling low and depressed occasionally and periodically is nothing alarming. It is but natural for all of us to be affected by the ups and downs of life. However, what is alarming is that we start living in a state of depression and the low feeling continues to overpower our routine of life. The most despicable and extreme form of this state of dejection and despair is that a person even take’s his life to end the misery.

One of the ways to overcome depression without going to a doctor is to make ourselves very busy in healthy activities. The best thing in this regard is to determine a purpose and mission in life. It is this lack of purpose which gives the vacant mind ample time to brood and worry. We need to get as busy as a bee and work like a beaver. We need to plan every single minute of our life and know exactly, as far as is possible, what to do when.

If we have a purpose in life, we will not have the time to get depressed. Let us find this purpose today and make ourselves useful to our society.