The above discussions relate to the Qur’ānic oaths in a general way. Detailed dealing of the interpretation of the oath verses has been provided in the commentary on the Qur’ān. Still however, I have, in the organization of the sections and selection of examples in them, pointed out to the essence of the oaths and their true aspects. It needs to be appreciated that the main objective of this book was to highlight a particular aspect of the oaths to which people raised objections. Yet, however, at times I have been forced to deal with some other relevant matters which required elaboration. This made me expand the discussions till the time the truth of the relevant matter was exposed and the related doubts were cleared off. However, this achieved, I hastened to the original discussion and abandoned the exhaustive survey of that interrupting issue. Thus book combines two plans, briefness and enlargement, flowing on two axis, brevity and detail.

A hasty reader may blame me for excessive terseness at time and for unnecessary prolongation at others. Such readers should know that I have been forced to adopt this course of action by the nature of the problem itself and its particular form. Besides, I do not claim immunity from misstep and stumble. This should be taken as my apology. I seek God’s kind forgiveness. He is the most Merciful. All gratitude is due to God alone, the Lord of the worlds.