Comprehension Questions


1. Make a list of acts which can be classified as unjust and as such are prohibited by Islam?




i. bribery

ii. not following merit

iii. interest

iv. embezzlement

v. lying

vi. selective justice


(… the list can be easily added to)


2. Can perfect justice be achieved in this world? If not why?




i. intentions cannot be known

ii. wrong decisions can be made by a judge because of wrong information

iii. wrong decisions can be made by a judge even if he has the right information because of human error

iv. how can a person who has killed many people be justly punished

v. a judge can be biased

vi. people who have been deprived can be compensated for their good deeds

vii. people who have done a lot of good can be rewarded


3. Make a list of things we sometimes do in our personal lives that are unfair, and a list of things our government does that are unfair. What could be done to rectify these injustices so we can cross them off the list?




Personal Unfair Things


As a Person: lying, stealing, not listening to both sides, gossip, rumour, bribery

As a Teacher: plagiarism, favouritism

As a Student: copy right, pirated software, cheating, helping others cheat

As Parents: undue favour to one child

As a trader: selling counterfeit labels and adulerated medicines

As a Judge: intentionally saving the criminal


Collective Unfair Things


i. Lack of providing basic needs to those living below the poverty line. This includes: food, shelter, clothing, health and education

ii. Unqual implementation of law

iii. Justice delayed



Quiz Marking Scheme



How Just are You?



i. (10)

ii. (8)

iii. (5)

iv. (0)



i. (3)

ii. (0)

iii. (10)



i. (0)

ii. (10)



i. (0)

ii. (10)



i. (10)

ii. (-5)

iii. (0)



i. (0)

ii. (2)

iii. (-5)

iv. (10)



i. (0)

ii. (10)



i. (-5)

ii. (10)

iii. (-5)



i. (10)

ii. (-5)

iii. (3)



i. (10)

ii. (-5)