Recklessness and irresponsible behaviour plays havoc with our credibility and we cannot be trusted to perform tasks assigned to us. We put up a worthless show and plunge into the lowest levels of dependability. We must get hold of ourselves and try to become responsible individuals. If the will to do so is present in us, some tips may help us in achieving this target.

Firstly, we should take up a voluntary responsibility relating to the society eg. free tuition or free community service. It will make us feel more responsible for others.

Secondly, we should share the chores of our house by allocating some tasks for ourselves. This will be a short training for us to take up larger challenges of life.

Thirdly, we can keep a pet if possible and then look after it very diligently. We must think that we are caring for a living being. Hopefully, it will make us more caring for human beings as well.

Fourthly, we should plant a seed and then patiently care for it. We should water it at the appointed times, keep in consideration its sunlight requirement and also see if it needs any other care for its development like adding manure to it.

Finally, we should analyze our failures in life. This evaluation teaches us to take responsibility of our failings. This should be accompanied by the urge to avoid this behaviour in future.