This Instructor’s Guide is a sequel to my book Qur’an Workshops on Character Building. It contains possible inputs to the various questions given in the respective worksheets of each workshop. The purpose is to provide some tips to the instructors who conduct these workshops. Obviously, they can add more to the information given.

The correct answers to each multicple choice quiz question are also provided for each workshop. An instructor may note that this marking scheme is an approximate indication of a participants’s conduct. It is not meant to be an absolutely true reflection of his or her personality. Nonetheless, this assessment will point to some areas that need improvement. Marks should not generally be made public as it might cause undue pressure and unhealthy competition. However, the instructor should exercise discretion and in some cases may disclose marks if it is felt that disclosing them might be encouraging for the achiever and motivational for other participants. The instructor should inform the participants of the general rating given below:


90-100 = excellent

80-90 = very good

70-80 =good

60-70 = fair

below 60 = poor


Instructors are requested to give their feedback to us so that we can improve this guide for the benefit of the participants.


Shehzad Saleem

Al-Mawrid, Lahore

April 2016