One of the greatest assets of a human being is patience. Impatience seems to be a part of our instincts and often gets the better of us. Enduring situations which are unexpected and coming across scenarios that jerk and jolt us is common in life. One often reacts in such situations and becomes either frenzied or depressed. Both are actually forms of frustration. The key to high conduct is self-control. We should not lose cool when anger and frustration overcome us. At times, our impatience is predictable because we have a particular personality type that reacts on specific situations and at times, our impatience is not predictable because the situation that has arisen was unforeseen.

Here are some practical tips to help us acquiring this all important trait:

i. We must evaluate the triggers that make us lose patience. We will often see a pattern. This will help us evaluate our personality and plan beforehand how to react. We must continue to suggest ourselves that when the crunch time comes we will not lose our cool. Such auto-suggestive behaviour does help.

ii. We should think of people who are in distress: observing the orphans, the handicapped, the widows, the sick and the needy around us increases our resolve and helps us prepare to tackle tough situations.

iii. We must develop a habit of preparing for the worst. Worst case scenario preparation is something which is instrumental in making us shockproof as far as possible.

iv. We must remind ourselves that things take time and materialize only after they have passed through a natural process. Showing impatience on such occasions is like showing dissatisfaction on the scheme of God.

v. We must think of the harms which losing patience cause and how it adversely affects our reputation and character. It causes tension and uneasiness among those around us. Our friends start to avoid us.

vi. We must read stories of people whose patience and endurance won them the day. We need human examples to inspire us and if we keep looking for them, we will find plenty.

vii. Fasting is a worship ritual that instils loads of patience in us if we fast while keeping its essence in mind. Besides the mandatory fasts, we must try to keep some optional fasts each month.

viii. When all these efforts besides others are made, we must also turn to God and pray to Him to grant us patience. Praying without making an effort is not going to win us God’s favour. We must do all we can and then pray to Him.