I remember when I was a kid, there were these images that you could buy. When you look at the image you wouldn’t see anything meaningful, but with a bit of patience and refocusing your eyes, suddenly you could see an amazing picture of a nature or a building that appeared to be in 3D.

One of the features of the hereafter that the Qur’an describes is that in that time our visions are sharp (therefore we will be able to see the reality of things). It is in that day that a person realizes that when he unjustifiably took something that belonged to an orphan he was in fact eating fire. Just as the person who follows God’s guidance in this world will realize what a strong light and pleasant company he has produced for himself in the hereafter.

If we can try to change our focus and perspectives in this world we will be able to see at least a blurry image of some of the real values in this world. 

It is with this different perspective that one who helps a person also says ‘thank you’ to him.

It is with this different perspective that a person may go to distances to make his mother happy with him.

It is with this different perspective that what is normally considered as a difficulty by one person, will be seen as a great spiritual opportunity for another person who is facing the same situation.

Just like for that image from my childhood, all we need is to change our perspective. 

One way that most of the times work for changing the perspective is to remind ourselves of our death and the hereafter.

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)