We all know that God has certain Names but we often do not pay enough attention to the use of these Names in our daily life and in our spiritual purification. It is important to appreciate that God’s Names are not merely conventional titles, they are in deed pointing to some of the most important attributes of the Almighty. Each Name of God and each combination of His names have specific implications in our life. Some examples are as follows:


- All-Hearing & All-Knowing (Sami’ - Alim):

How can we commit any sin, or behave in a way that we know God does not like, if we are aware that God is seeing us and knows what we are thinking?


- Wise (Hakim)

How can we ‘lose it’ and become hopeless and confused when something unexpected and damaging happens to our worldly affairs, if we appreciate that there is a Wise creator and designer who is behind every thing and under His domain there is a reason or a wisdom in every thing that happens?


- Protector (Wakil)

Why should we feel worry and insecure in our daily life if we really consider the Almighty to be our Protector?


- Of-Returning - Merciful (Tawwab - Rahim)

How can we lose hope if we commit sin, when we know that God is merciful. On the same note, how guilty we should feel when we insist on our sins and misuse the mercy of our creator? 

On the other hand, how can we be arrogant and ruthless towards others when our creator is merciful towards us?


We need to get benefit of the Names of the Almighty. By continuously reminding ourselves of these Names, sometimes even uttering them and praying with them, we will be able to establish their meanings in our heart. I this way we will benefit from them not only in our worldly affairs but also in spiritual purification.

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)