One who is trying to be a better person and a better servant of God should always look to become better and better as the days pass. However, the reality is that we are all human beings, and our feelings and even our spiritual mood can easily be affected by our environment, by our health and even by a variety of processes that are going on in our body.

We should accept the fact that some times we may not be in our normal mood and therefore do not find enough energy and motivation to do what we normally do in our endeavour to serve the Almighty. We should not blame ourselves and get disappointed in these periods of Bad Days. We should not even try to resist and fight them. We should just do the minimum requirement during these days till they pass. Hopefully and God willingly we will see that, as we become better, we get to the stage where even these Bad Days do not affect our routine acts of serving God, but till then, we just need to live with them.

There are however two points:


- We should not allow our Bad Days to stop us from doing our obligatory religious acts or prompt us to commit sin. If any of these happen then it is not merely the Bad Days that are influencing us, Satan is also involved. Whatever happens, we should always do the minimum requirement, that is observing the obligations and avoiding sins.

- Bad Days should naturally be followed by Good Days in a rather short time. If our not-in-the-mood days extend to more than a week then most probably we are not facing Bad Days, but we are facing laziness or lack of discipline or control. In that case we need to get back to the control.

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)