Have you ever felt the need to brush your teeth after having too many sweets and chocolate? Do you notice the feeling of heaviness and impurity in your mouth, and the great fresh and clean feeling you get when you brush your teeth?

The same happens to our soul. After too much engagement with the worldly affairs and too much involvement with the day to day roller coaster of emotions and feelings, even after having so much fun enjoying the company of friends or entertaining ourselves, that feeling of heaviness and impurity comes. Reading the Qur’an, reading prayers and saying some Zikr will do the same thing here that brushing your teeth does in the above situation.

However, what if we do not feel that heaviness and impurity in our soul after so much worldly affair? Just like we may not feel the heaviness and impurity in our mouth after having so many sweets and chocolate. What might be the reason?

For the example of the mouth, the reason most probably is that we do not regularly brush anyway, so we have lost the sensitivity that makes us want to brush.

For the example of the soul, just replace the above sentence with the relevant words!

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)