We normally advise each other to patience when it comes to facing life difficulties. There is another context in which patience is important, and that is worshiping God.

When we hear the advice of the pious servants of God to pay more attention to the quality of our prayers and that a good prayer can make you taste the sweetness of communicating with the Lord, some complain that they are trying their best, yet do not see any differences in the quality of their prayers.

While there can be many reasons why this might be the case, an important point to consider is that we need to have patience in our acts of worship as well. We should not expect quick results (although many times quick results do come). Worshiping is like cleaning our heart and polishing it. Sometimes it takes more than a few cleansing to make it shine. This means not to get frustrated if we do not see the results that we are looking for soon. We need to keep doing what we are doing and keep asking God to help us and bless to get better. One day insha’Allah that warm and sweet feeling of connecting with the Lord will come.

(Dr Abdullah Rahim)