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Sajid Hameed's Profle | Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Sajid Hameed (real name: Sajid Shahbaz Khan) was born on October 10,1965 in Pakpattan, Sahiwal .

He is an associate professor in University of Central Punjab, with 18years of experience of teaching in various well renowned institutes of Lahore.He appears off and on in various television talk-shows on religious and socialissues.

He has delivered hundreds of lectures in workshops in major cities ofPakistan. He has authored some books. His articles have published in academicjournals of India and Pakistan. He has performed administrative duties many times.His major interests are teaching and research in Islamic areas. He is workingfor mental grooming of Young Muslims in a very small personal setup. He has done his MA in Urdu andIslamic Studies from the University of Punjab. He started his religiouseducation after graduation under his brother Mr Talib Mohsin. He learnt theholy Qur’an from Mr Muhammad Sabiq, a Deobandi scholar. He learnt Muwatta ofImam Malik, the celebrated hadith compilation and Nuzhah al-Fikr, the famouswork on Hadith Criticism from Hafiz Ata Arahman an erudite Ahl alhadith scholar. For advance studies in thereligious disciplines he sat before Mr Javed Ahmad Ghamidi from 1987. He leantQur’an, Hadith, Arabic literature and other religious disciplines. He is stillunder the generous tutelage of Mr Ghamidi.

He has also learnt from Mawlana Amin Ahsan Islahi. Islahi taught himthe first six surahs of the holy Qur’an. He also taught him the chapter Kitabal-Jami’ a part of Muwatta of Imam Malik and Sahih Bukhari upto Kitab al-Buyu’(Book of Sales).


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